Full maintenance

Full maintenance

As a responsible agency that takes care of your ship we want to offer you the best possible and high qualified services you may use in order to be safe and even-minded when enjoying the glimpse of the sun while cruising the shore!

When it comes to the services we are offering as an agency you are in possibility to use these ones:


-Service of your engine done by certified, high qualified mechanics

-Polishing, washing and detailed cleansing of your ship

-Treatment of the teak parts, cleansing and change of the fugues between wooden parts, installing new teak parts

-Services of our dry dock and hangar 


 We provide following services:

- Boat hauling-out,

- Hull & Propulsion system cleaning,

- Engine preservation (winterizing),

- Transport to our CCTV equipped  hangar with physical security protection, 

- Boat's battery diagnostics & preservation system,

- Approved engine service,

- Anti-fouling paint renewal and zinc anode protection installation.

- Full boat de-winterizing (engine, batteries, tanks and lines, hauling, and putting back into the water


We provide services for underwater cleaning


- Cleaning the hulls of all types of vessels

- Cleaning the propeller

- Cleaning the rudder sheet

- Cleaning the anchor and anchor chain

-  Boat thruster cleaning

- Cleaning the axles

- Cleaning the sea chest


Water facilities:

- Cleaning pontoons and all sub-elements

- Cleaning the pontoon and its chains

- Cleaning the drain

- Cleaning the buoy

Fish farms:

- Cleaning the immersed construction elements of the cage

- Cleaning the net

- Cleaning mooring





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