Dry dock, yachts Tivat Montenegro

Our company offers complete dry dock yacht treatment. We can perform anything from simple cosmetic, to the highly demanding & sophisticating repair & maintenance services.  Our aim is to keep your boat safe and protected during the winter, or any other time when you want to keep your boat out of the water.

We provide following services:

- Boat hauling-out,

- Hull & Propulsion system cleaning,

- Engine preservation (winterizing),

- Transport to our CCTV equipped  hangar with physical security protection, 

- Boat's battery diagnostics & preservation system,

- Approved engine service,

- Anti-fouling paint renewal and zinc anode protection installation.

- Full boat de-winterizing (engine, batteries, tanks and lines, hauling, and putting back into the water


Our dry dock is a narrow basin that is to be used for ships to be maintained in the best possible way during the winter. Our agency is offering you a complete treatment for your boat so that it remains safe and stout during the winter time or any other time when you do not want your best friend on the shore to be in the water.

You are in possibility of using these services:

- Taking out the ship from the water

- Washing both the underwater part of your ship and her propulsion

- Preservation of the engine

- Transport to our hangar which includes camera surveillance and security staff

- Our hangar is equipped with electronics that are necessary for all the batteries of your ship to be maintained in best possible way

- De-preservation of the engine and preparations for new season at the sea

- Complete service of the engine done by certified mechanics

- Applying anti-fouling paint and zinc anode

- Landing the ship in the sea

Dry dock, yachts Tivat Montenegro


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